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Founded in 2000, Yafod International Limited is a major supplier and exporter of tomato paste and other native products in China. Our modern joint venture factory locates near Urumqi, capital of Xinjiang province, China. Xinjiang tomato is famous for its quality, delicious taste, fresh red color, high lycopene, high solid material and nutritious contents. Annually we export thousands of tons of tomato paste from Xinjiang to other countries. We ship aseptic tomato paste in drums, in wooden bins, and in cans. We also export fresh and dried tomato, tomato powder, lycopene, canned tomato and other native products. We have FDA,HALAL,ISO,HACCP certificates. We ensure top quality products at competitive prices!

Our tomato paste includes two kinds:
1. Hot break: heated to about 100C; pectin is preserved - hicker - ketchup.
2. Cold break: heated to about 66C; colour and flavour is preserved - juice.
(Note: brix 36/38 are all cold break) H.S.CODE: 2002.9010

Specifications (for 2011 new crop! )

Cold Break
Hot Break
Brix %
28-30, 30-32, 36-38
28-30, 30-32
Viscosity (cm/30sec)
Lycopene (mg/100g)
Color A/B
Total Acidity %
H.M.C. %
Tin (mg/kg)
Cu (mg/kg)
Pb (mg/kg)
As (mg/kg)
Hg (mg/kg)
Fe (mg/kg)
Zn (mg/kg)
Cd (mg/kg)
Packing (Aseptic bag in steel drum)

Aseptic bag in steel drum 4 drums in a wooden pallet

Shelf life in normal storage
18 months

Besides the 235kg big drum packing above, we also ship small package canned tomato paste. Here below are their specifications:

Small Package Canned Tomato Paste Specifications
70gmx100 Tin : 539# 800gmx12 Tin :9110#
198gmx48 Tin : 667# 850gmx12 Tin :9116#
210gmx48 Tin : 758# 1kgx12 Tin :10114#
400gmx24 Tin: 7106# 2.2kgx6 Tin :15120#
425gmx24 Tin: 7110# 3kgx6 Tin :15173#

Fresh Tomatoes Wooden Ton-box for Tomato Paste tomato paste machinery 

See the middle picture above. It is Wooden Ton-bin comprises of wooden box and tray for tomato paste. It is another kind of package of tomato paste besides drums. Size of outer profile of wooden ton-bin (including sizes of wooden box and wooden tray): 1120mm 1120mm 1115mm; Weight: 123(+/-2)kg. Capacity: 300 Gallon(1300 kg)

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Canned Tomato Paste

Tomato Paste in Drums
Tomato Paste in Drums 

tomato powder

Tomato Powder

dried tomatoes

Dried Tomato

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