Tomato Powder


tomato powder



Trade name Tomato powder   
Material Tomato Paste   
Production process Raw material -- make up a prescription filter -- heat -- centrifugal atomize --Revolving separate pack.
Production The tank of making up a prescription -- filter separator -- high pressure pump centrifugal atomizer -- fluid bed vibrating screen -- packer
Brief introduction The spray dried tomato powder is made by high concentration fine quality tomato paste; low temperature spray drying technology captures red color, pure taste and rich lycopene of ripe tomatoes. It contains plenty of vitamins, amino acid, organic and mineral. It is a good soup and flavoring and raw material for drinks.
Additives No additives or upon request.
Storage Store in cool and dry conditions. (Should not exceed 25 and 60% relative humidity max.)
Package Two compound aluminum foil bags in a carton with a net weight of 20kg,  700cartons  in one 20fcl by normal container , and 600cartons by air-conditioned  Container .    
Application ˇAs condiment for potato slice, maize slice, etc.
ˇFor fast-soluble soup                   ?As colorant for pasta
ˇOther application where true tomato color and flavor are required
Peculiarity ˇUse tomato paste produced in Xinjiang     ?Contain plenty of lycopene
ˇKeep original taste, flavor and function of fresh tomato during production
Item Physical and chemical specifications Method for determination
Shape Deep-red or red-yellow fine, free flowing powder, slightly caking and clumping is allowed.
Moisture ≤ 4% Halogen moisture determination method
Acidity 5 10 %Citric acid GB12293
Lycopene ≥100 mg/100g Appendix A of GB/T14215
Ash content ≤12 % GB/T14770
Pb ≤ 1.5 mg/kg GB/T5009.12
As ≤ 0.8 mg/kg GB/T5009.11;Oxide generating ICP method
Copper ≤ 40 mg/kg GB/T5009.13
Total bacteria ≤ 20000 / g GB4789.2
Coli-group count ≤ 100 MPN/100g GB4789.3
Yeast & mould ≤ 500 /g GB4789.15
Sick bacteria No GB4789.10GB4789.4