Yafod International Limited


Founded in 2000, Yafod International Limited is a major supplier and exporter of tomato paste and other native products in China. Our modern joint venture factory locates near Bayannaoer, Inner Mongolia, China. Bayannaoer tomato is famous for its quality, delicious taste, fresh red color, high lycopene, high solid material and nutritious contents. Annually we export thousands of tons of tomato paste from Bayannaoer to other countries. We ship aseptic tomato paste in drums, in wooden bins, and in cans. We also export fresh and dried tomato, tomato powder, lycopene, canned tomato and other native products. We ensure a top quality at competitive prices.


In late 2019, German state television has broadcast a documentary film about our factory, please visit the film here:


tomato paste factory


Documentary film about our Tomato Paste factory

Our Factory Pictures


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