Canned Tomato


Packing: In Tins of 24X400G, 24X567G 24X800G, 6X2500G(A9), 6X2840G(A10)

In Jars of 12X314ML, 12X370ML



canned tomatos 

1) Grows in well-chosen tomato fields with excellent geographical 
    location and unique favorable growing climate for tomatoes, thus 
    avoiding risks of contamination of potential polluted areas
2) Mature tomatoes are selected, washed and peeled in accordance with 
    good commercial practices and HACCP standards 
3) Red in natural tomato juice
4) Free from any additives and preservatives
5) Packing:
    a) 24 x 400g (N.W.: 400g; G.W.: 240g) 
    b) 12 x 800g (N.W.: 800g; G.W.: 480g)
    c) 6 x A10 (N.W.: 2,800g; G.W.: 1,680g)

Inner packing:

Outer packing: